About Us

David, Janenne and Rachel We have been interested in serving in cross-cultural missions for many years. Over the years since 2003 we went on a number of short term mission trips, to places such as the Philippines, Mexico, Cambodia and Hong Kong. God has now called us to serve long term at iKhethelo Children's Village in South Africa, where we are sharing Jesus' love with orphaned and abandoned children. We desire to serve together as a family, helping children who have lost their families due to the HIV/AIDS pandemic which has had such a devastating effect in South Africa.
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About iKhethelo

MakaphutuiKhethelo Children’s Village is a home of love, healing and safety for vulnerable and orphaned children in KwaZulu Natal, South Africa - the AIDS epicentre of the world. We currently serve 45 beautiful children ranging in age from 1 to 19 years old. iKhethelo also serves as a community outreach hub into an area that has been devastated by the AIDS pandemic. Learn more at iKhethelo's website and Facebook page.

The Children’s Village

The first goal of the Children’s Village is to nurture orphaned and vulnerable children into wholeness. Long term we believe we are raising servant leaders who will help create healthy, sustainable communities. For now we wish to provide them with a loving and safe environment where they will be able to lead normal, healthy lives receiving a proper education and the life skills necessary to succeed. Our children’s greatest need is love, and through our practical Christian ministry we attempt to give them that love and nurture in everything we do.
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About Lily of the Valley

LilyHandsSince 1993 Lily of the Valley has been providing love, care, and support to children abandoned or orphaned due to the HIV/AIDS pandemic. Our mission is to raise sustainable, servant leaders for healthy communities. This is done through strategic intervention in the Social, Education and Physical (medical, food and clothing) spheres. Learn more at Lily of the Valley’s website and Facebook page.

Our Work

Lily of the Valley is so much more than a Children’s village. Our vision is for both our children and the community we live in. We aim to care for children infected or affected by HIV / AIDS through the amelioration of pain, suffering and distress. In doing this, to provide accommodation, food, clothing, relief and other amenities to the ill and infirm and, through providing a multi-disciplinary, all encompassing range of support, to promote the physical, mental and spiritual welfare of the community.
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About SIM

SIMServing_RED250What is SIM?

SIM is a community of God's people who delight to worship him and are passionate about the Gospel, seeking to fulfil the mission of Jesus Christ in the world. More specifically, SIM is an international mission organisation with more than 1,600 active missionaries, representing over 30 nationalities, serving in over 60 countries. SIM members serve God among many diverse people groups in Africa, Asia, and South America.
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Frequently Asked Questions

While we were preparing to leave Australia and were raising our support, we were asked many questions about iKhethelo and Lily of the Valley, South Africa, fundraising, HIV/AIDS, and more. We compiled a short list of our frequently asked questions to help you learn more about our ministry. If you have additional questions, do not hesitate to contact us.
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