About Us

David, Janenne and Rachel

We have been interested in serving in cross-cultural missions for many years. Over the years since 2003 we went on a number of short term mission trips, to places such as the Philippines, Mexico, Cambodia and Hong Kong. God has now called us to serve long term at iKhethelo Children’s Village in South Africa, where we are sharing Jesus’ love with orphaned and abandoned children.

We desire to serve together as a family, helping children who have lost their families due to the HIV/AIDS pandemic which has had such a devastating effect in South Africa.

We moved to South Africa in 2015 to serve at an orphanage called iKhethelo. iKhethelo is a children’s village that cares for approximately 50 children, infants through 19 years of age, who have been infected or affected by HIV/AIDS. Our mission is to love and care for these children, as well as the surrounding communities, with the love of Christ.

iKhethelo is situated in a place of spectacular natural beauty – the Valley of a Thousand Hills! Yet this beautiful place is sadly in the opinion of the experts the epicenter of the HIV/AIDS pandemic in South Africa.

Before we left Australia we were invited for an interview on the local Christian radio station in Canberra, 1Way FM. If you would like to listen, here is the interview with Crazy Cay.

Or you can download it and listen later from here (6MB).