About Lily of the Valley

LilyHandsSince 1993 Lily of the Valley has been providing love, care, and support to children abandoned or orphaned due to the HIV/AIDS pandemic. Our mission is to raise sustainable, servant leaders for healthy communities. This is done through strategic intervention in the Social, Education and Physical (medical, food and clothing) spheres.

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Our Work

Lily of the Valley is so much more than a Children’s village. Our vision is for both our children and the community we live in. We aim to care for children infected or affected by HIV / AIDS through the amelioration of pain, suffering and distress. In doing this, to provide accommodation, food, clothing, relief and other amenities to the ill and infirm and, through providing a multi-disciplinary, all encompassing range of support, to promote the physical, mental and spiritual welfare of the community.


LilyCrossSustainable, servant leaders for healthy communities.

The vision is to raise leaders who embody patience, kindness, humility, service above self, truth, protection, hope, trust and perseverance.

We see these as characteristics to be upheld in any position of leadership, whether that be in the classroom, home or workplace. We seek to raise leaders for every sector of society that will embody these traits and work together for a healthy community. In the eighteen years of serving orphaned and vulnerable children and the surrounding communities, not once has any person been turned away on the basis of their religious belief or culture. Whilst we hold unswervingly to the message of Jesus Christ, no person will ever be turned away for not holding the same belief as we do.

Physical Intervention

LilyGateMedical Centre

Lily Medical Centre provides primary health care services to the local communities of Eston, Mophela and Sankontshe while also strategically servicing these communities with focused, quality, home based care and HIV / AIDS counselling, testing and support services.


LilyVillageThe Lily of the Valley Children’s Village

Since 1994 Lily of the Valley Children’s Village has continued to care for children infected or affected by HIV / AIDS. Through loving care, improved nutrition, strategic health intervention and focused spiritual guidance, our children continue to thrive.

iKhethelo Children’s Village

Through providing a multi-disciplinary, all encompassing range of support, iKhethelo Children’s Village continues to promote the physical, mental and spiritual welfare of children – both those resident at iKhethelo and children living in the neighbouring communities of KwaNyuswa and Embo (Valley of a Thousand Hills). Read more →

Lily of the Valley Community Projects

An ethical, income generating community is what we are striving to achieve through projects which, amongst other things, provide sustainable food, education, income generation and life skills.


LilySchoolLilyvale School

The purpose of Lilyvale School is to offer a high standard of education that possesses academic excellence, spiritual depth and moral integrity. We believe that education cannot take place in a moral-vacuum. The school consequently has a strong Christian foundation and ethos.

Ekujabuleni Day Care Centre

Our Ekujabuleni Day Care Centre at Lily of the Valley provides children with daily meals, safe care and educational games.


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