About SIM

SIMServing_RED250What is SIM?

SIM is a community of God’s people who delight to worship him and are passionate about the Gospel, seeking to fulfil the mission of Jesus Christ in the world. More specifically, SIM is an international mission organisation with more than 1,600 active missionaries, representing over 30 nationalities, serving in over 60 countries. SIM members serve God among many diverse people groups in Africa, Asia, and South America.


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What do the letters SIM stand for?

Alafia_storySIM was begun in 1893 as the Soudan Interior Mission. As other groups working outside Africa merged with SIM, the decision was made to keep the acronym (SIM) as our official name, and we adopted the trade name Society for International Ministries. (This trade name is still used in some countries for legal reasons.) Since 2000, we have used the trade name “Serving In Mission,” but the official name of the organisation remains simply SIM.

What kinds of work do SIM missionaries do?

Ethiopia WaterSIM utilises partnerships with churches and other organisations to place missionaries in areas such as Bible translation, Christian education, radio outreach, community development, medicine, HIV and AIDS ministry, vocational training and ministry to vulnerable children and women. Many of our missionaries work as church planters in pioneer areas to unreached people groups or partner with local churches in discipleship, evangelism, or theological education. Other missionaries initiate or support aid and development projects that enable them to demonstrate Christ’s love in countries where evangelism is difficult or not permitted. In doing so they are able to support, encourage and equip the local church.

How are SIM’s missionaries supported?

SIM is a faith mission. This means missionaries receive prayer and financial support from churches, friends, and others who believe in their ministry.

By Prayer

PrayerPrayer is foundational to every facet of SIM’s ministry. God’s guidance, protection and provision are crucial in everything we do. It is impossible to estimate the power of the partnership of prayer.

Our motto By Prayer underlines SIM’s belief that this is God’s work. No SIM missionary is sent out without a team of supporters who are committed to pray for them on a regular basis. The part of a prayer supporter is not an easy one. It takes discipline to set aside time to pray, discernment and passion to pray specifically with focus, and determination to persevere.

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